Step-By-Step How Anyone Can Make Money With Adsense

There are heaps of ebooks and membership sites on the online teaching you how to make money with Adsense websites. With so much information, youll be overloaded. Well Ive read them, joined them and know what works and what does not. Heres my advice.

Adsense is a Google advertising tool that is placed on your website. The ads that are shown on the website are determined by your content the text on your website.

If you have pages and pages of articles on a certain topic, such as Internet Marketing then the ads shown will be all be related to that topic.

Your webpages should contain keyword related to internet marketing such as email marketing, Adsense, ebooks, web traffic, affiliate programs etc

Therefore the visitor on your website will likely click on the ads since they have an interest in them. Otherwise they wouldnt be reading your article in the first place.

So the most important thing you need for a good website that generates automatic income using Adsense is Content. Where do you get this content? There are three ways:

– Write the content yourself – Pay someone to write the content (about $5 per article, the cheapest rate currently) – Buy Public Label Resale (PLR) articles and alter the content

The easiest way is the last option Buy PLR articles and change the words yourself.

With PLR articles you can do whatever you want with the article and even add your name to it so that youre the author. There are many places on the internet where you can buy these articles. They are normally sold in a batch of 10 or more that are related to a certain topic.

You can even purchase websites with PLR articles in them and have an Adsense website online right away. Again there are many places to buy these Adsense websites on particular niches.

Now the following advice is worth gold so please read carefully.

You cant just buy ready made websites with PLR articles and put in on the web. Youll have so many competitors with the exact same site and the search engines will ban you for having duplicate content. Youll have no search engine traffic and you can forget about people clicking on your website.

What you have to do is alter the PLR articles. My recommendation is to alter them by 50% to be on the safe side. I alter all my PLR articles 50% before placing them on my website. This makes them original and therefore more valuable. Search engines will index all of your pages so your website will be listed under several keywords depending on the content.

The next thing you need is a good design for your website that will contain all your own articles with other peoples articles mixed. For the website, you can either design it yourself or buy a template.

A word of warning. Make sure the design makes the Adsense ads stand out on your website and also blend in with the background. For example, make the ads borderless and the colour to be the same as your website. This way, it seems that the ads are really part of your website. People tend to dislike clicking on ads.

These are the 2 most important things for an Adsense website. However, there are other additional things you need such as:

– XML maps which Google loves to search and index – A script to rotate your articles so that it seems that your website has new content updated regularly – Link exchanges with other websites so that you get traffic from them and also get ranked higher by search engines – Search Engine Optimize your website so that it ranks high in the search engines

The final piece of the puzzle for a successful website is to drive traffic to it. You can do this also by purchasing PLR articles and modifying the words so that you can add your name to it. After that submit it to article directories and with your resource box at the bottom, people will read it and visit your website.

PLR articles are very important. You need it for the content of your website and to drive traffic to your website.

Thats all you need to create a website you can put on the internet that makes you money on auto-pilot. It will sound overwhelming for beginners but there are easier ways.

For information on recommended resources and websites on helping create Adsense sites easily, send a blank email to my autoresponder

Additionally, with Adsense websites you need lots of them to make a respectable income. If you have a website making $2 a day then in a month youll be earning $60. However, if you have 50 websites and they are all making $2 a day, then youll have a monthly income of $3000. Now tell me if thats attractive enough for you to start.

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